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Suzanne Duffey: Historic Home Renovation

Suzanne Duffey loved her historic home in Montgomery, Ala. But she had a dilemma that many historic homeowners have – the look was what she wanted, but she needed modernized features for more storage, “creature comforts” and energy efficiency.

Maintaining the home’s historic charm was of the utmost importance to Suzanne – it’s why she purchased her home in the first place. When she reached out to Holland Homes, Suzanne was adamant about ensuring the historical integrity of the home wouldn’t be compromised. We were happy to oblige.

With a new layout that worked better for her lifestyle, energy-efficient appliances and period materials that functioned well while still showcasing the home’s charm, Holland Homes was able to give Suzanne the update she needed. And because we always employ creative solutions when unforeseen project hurdles arise, we were able to do so on time and on budget. Suzanne was happy, and so were we.  

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