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Bob Battye: A Seamless Addition

An avid car collector, Bob Battye needed additional space to store and maintain his pristine vehicles. When Mr. Battye came to us in hopes of adding a carport to his home that would look as if it had always been there, we were happy to oblige.

The Holland Homes team designed and constructed a spacious carport that maintained the existing aesthetic of the home and neighborhood, all while ensuring we remained within the parameters set by the Homeowners Association. Now, Mr. Battye has a beautiful and functional addition that allows him to further embrace and enjoy his hobby.

Holland Homes, Stone Creek, Auburn, Alabama, Blayne Barber, custom home, custom home exterior

Blayne Barber: Custom Home Construction

PGA Tour player Blayne Barber and his wife Morgan longed for a home where they could escape and recuperate from their busy travel schedule.  As Morgan noted in a recent PGA Tour video, “ People ask all the time, ‘Where do you go on vacation?’ and the answer is always home.” Holland Homes designed and built a custom home specifically for the Barbers with accommodations for all of their needs.  

Clients’ needs vary widely, and we always strive to fulfill them in a timely and cost-efficient manner. “Daniel Holland and Robert Melvin are both great to work with,” Blayne says. “They get things done and don’t try to sugar coat things, which is refreshing. You know exactly what you’re getting.”

Blayne and Morgan knew they wanted to grow their family, so we designed all of the bedrooms on the same floor to allow for a nursery near the master bedroom.  They also entertain regularly and required ample space to do so. We designed the kitchen, living room and dining room downstairs to create the feeling of one open living space, and this area has quickly become their favorite in the house.

Blayne and Morgan came to us with a vision of the house they desired, and we were happy to deliver. With a custom floor plan and thoughtful detailing in each room, Holland Homes created a home they will love for years to come.

Holland Homes, Auburn, Alabama, Asheton Lakes, kitchen remodel, kitchen, remodel, renovation

Allen Branch: Asheton Lakes Kitchen

Allen Branch is an avid at-home chef, but his outdated kitchen just wasn’t working for him anymore. He needed a kitchen renovation that would be both functional and stylish.

Allen contacted Holland Homes to transform a space his family had outgrown into a space they could use as not only a kitchen, but a gathering place. Holland Homes created an open space that will serve as the heart of the house and a place where the family can eat, talk about their days and unwind. Our attention to detail allowed us to create a space that will serve this family well for years to come. 

Holland Homes, Lake Martin, Alabama, lake house second story addition, lake house, addition

Tom Giere: Lakehouse Second Story Addition

Tom Giere loved his small, lakeside cabin, but he needed more space – a lot more space. But adding additional space to his cabin would be just short of a complete re-build – no small task.

Tom called Holland Homes to transform his cabin in to a larger space his whole family could enjoy. We got to work on a floor plan that doubled the square footage by increasing the living space on the main floor and even adding an additional level, requiring a new roof. Holland Homes gave Tom a finished product that was more than he expected – a space to enjoy the lake, enjoy family and friends and enjoy life. 

Holland Homes, Auburn, Alabama, Moores Mill sunroom addition, Moores Mill, sunroom, addition, renovation, remodel, custom

Donna Weaver: Moore’s Mill Sunroom

Donna Weaver dreamed of a sunroom where she could relax and unwind at the end of a long day. But squeaky floors, lackluster aesthetics and a dark space left her wanting more out of her home. That is why she took the plunge and called Holland Homes.

After talking with Donna about her wishes for the space, Holland Homes transformed a dark side room in her home to a bright, cheerful, relaxing sunroom retreat. Our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship made this the space she envisioned, and then some. Additionally, custom trim work proved to be the finishing touch this space needed to give Donna her ideal end-of-day wind down oasis. 

Holland Homes, Montgomery, Alabama, historic home renovation, renovation

Suzanne Duffey: Historic Home Renovation

Suzanne Duffey loved her historic home in Montgomery, Ala. But she had a dilemma that many historic homeowners have – the look was what she wanted, but she needed modernized features for more storage, “creature comforts” and energy efficiency.

Maintaining the home’s historic charm was of the utmost importance to Suzanne – it’s why she purchased her home in the first place. When she reached out to Holland Homes, Suzanne was adamant about ensuring the historical integrity of the home wouldn’t be compromised. We were happy to oblige.

With a new layout that worked better for her lifestyle, energy-efficient appliances and period materials that functioned well while still showcasing the home’s charm, Holland Homes was able to give Suzanne the update she needed. And because we always employ creative solutions when unforeseen project hurdles arise, we were able to do so on time and on budget. Suzanne was happy, and so were we.