An intelligent community equipped with cutting-edge systems and appliances that give customers more control over their home’s features and energy use. The innovative technology will not only make the homes more enjoyable and forward-thinking while you’re in it, but also provide opportunity for homeowners to control the smart features remotely through their smartphones.

Smart Home Details   About Northwoods


By building homes with enhanced energy efficiency, smart appliances and insulation above industry standards, you have a home that works smarter and creates the perfect environment for you and your family.

The ability to make a home feel comfortable and unique is the appeal that draws you home every day, it also makes you feel at ease. Northwoods takes this concept to a whole new level, combining both luxury and technology.


The convenience of being able to manage all home features via smartphones, tablets and voice activation is imperative in a busy schedule. Northwoods is equipped with unrivaled technology that helps you manage your home and day to day tasks in a way that’s easier than ever before.

The featured technology in Northwoods homes is capable of handling a multitude of responsibilities, meaning you have a home you can rely on to help meet your daily demands.


Feeling a sense of control is important. A home equipped with smart systems that allow you to manage and control various aspects of your home remotely ensures that. Northwoods is guaranteed to keep you connected, wherever you go.

Northwoods Smart Neighborhood homes feature energy-efficient appliances, connected devices, innovative security solutions and home automation. Features include but are not limited to: smart outlets and switches, Google mini for voice control, security monitoring and a smart thermostat.

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