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Building a new home is an exceptionally exciting life event. However, whether building an elaborate custom home or a simple quick-move in, this life experience can also be a daunting one for a lot of people.

Below are our tips to make your life easier when building a new home - whether you are excited about the whole process or a little apprehensive.


Your attitude is usually one of the biggest things controlling your outlook on just about every aspect of your life. The building process is something that you must mentally prepare yourself for. If you understand from the beginning that everything is not going to go exactly to plan, you can save yourself from being disappointed by setting unrealistic expectations.

Deadlines might get pushed back due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances. This is inevitable, but by keeping a positive attitude, your home building journey will be a good one! The home building process can be such a fun and rewarding experience as you see your dreams and visions come to life, so don’t let small speed bumps affect your journey!

Go to the Construction Site as Much as Possible

Not only is it fun to see your house progress from the ground up, it is also important to check in on your home as much as you can in order to ensure you are satisfied with progress and can discuss anything you want to with your builder along the way.

If you are unsure about a certain aspect of the house, it is better to communicate with the building team throughout the journey. They can reassure you or provide information that you weren’t previously educated on. Communication is key throughout the home building journey, so by visiting the site, you can remain in the loop and raise any concerns or queries sooner rather than later.

Going to the lot allows you to be able to see and appreciate the work that goes into building a house. You will be able to look back when your home is completed and remember when the lot was being prepped to begin. It is a nostalgic experience that you might only do once in your life, so you want to embrace it as much as possible and remember the journey, once you plant roots in your new home.

Is my Timeline Reasonable?

In a perfect world, your home would be built in a timely manner and no problems would occur. However, weather, zoning issues and other factors make it hard to build within a tight timeline.

Keep these factors in mind when thinking about your completion date. Whatever your ideal timeline is might not be realistic, so by discussing your hopes with your project manager, you can come to an appropriate timeline, together.

Don’t Stress About the Little Things

Scratches on the walls and dings on cabinets are inevitable before your home is completed. If you see someone accidentally scuff the wall, just make a note or take a picture for later. Your builder will give you a chance during your final walk-through to point out things that need to be fixed before the job is complete and it is time to move in.

“The final walkthrough is an opportunity to spot items that need to be corrected or adjusted, so be attentive and observant. Examine the surfaces of countertops, fixtures, floors and walls for possible damage,” New Home Source states.

Your home will be the home of your dreams once it is completed. The team at Holland Homes will make sure of that. We want you to be happy with your final product.

If You are Building With a Significant Other

If you are building your new home with your significant other, be sure to be on the same page when it comes to spending money, architecture and design. Be upfront with your significant other about your priorities and be sure to reach an agreement on all important factors. Do you want your master suite on the first floor, but your partner wants it on the second? Make sure to decide before your final plans are drawn.

Be Organized

We suggest keeping all of your notes, documents and anything pertaining to building your new home together in a safe place. This will make it a million times easier for you to find documents in a pinch.

It will also be easier for you to have everything together when meeting with your builder or if you are trying to obtain a permit.

At Holland Homes, we want to make the home building process as fun and stress-free as possible. We strive to fulfil your every need while making the home of your dreams a reality. Contact us today at 334-332-7157 to schedule a free consultation.

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