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The first place your guests notice when they step into your house. The place to make a first impression. The way to feel immediately at home with the first step into your home. Your entryway.

Common entryways are often focused on their practical and functional side. However, people forget that they can be stylish while functional. Entryway decor should be as beautiful as the rest of your home. It’s the first room guests see when they come into your home and the last thing they see when they leave. You can make a big impact on your guest’s impression of your home by utilizing the space of your foyer.

Here are our suggestions on current entryway trends that you can implement into your home:


Using color is a great way to spruce up your entryway in an easy yet bold way. Deciding which color to use can be a challenge. Each year, Pantone comes out with their color of the year. The 2019 color of the year is “Living Coral” or “Pantone 16-1546”. Elle Decor describes it as a “warm, peachy orange with a life-affirming golden undertone.”

Whether you decide to go with the color of the year in your decor or other trending colors such as deep greens, it can be used in pops or in your main decor. If you use it for pops of color, try using it in accent pillows, lamps or rugs. If you want to use it as a bold color in your house, try painting your walls or using a wallpaper that features your color choice.

Eye-catching front doors

When selecting a front door, there are several practical matters to consider. Both safety and durability are important. These factors also impact your home’s worth. Material and cost are also important to consider when choosing a front door.

Aside from the practical matters to choosing a front door, there is the style and design aspect. Bold, eye-catching front doors help to great your guests by making the first impression of your style. You can go with a bold color, such as a classic red, or if you do not want to be as dramatic by using a bold color, you can use decorative glass or iron to stand out from regular doors.

Stylish functionality

While your entryway needs to be a functional part of your home, it can be stylish at the same time. Some items you will need for your foyer are:

  • mail sorter
  • coat rack
  • shoe storage
  • bench

These items may seem hard to implement stylishly, but there are plenty of ways to make them stylish. You can use colors, patterns or materials to help these functional items flow beautifully in your foyer.


Many people think of wallpaper as old fashioned, but it is far from old fashioned. There are so many beautiful prints that can add dimension and life to your entryway.

Think of bold colors and patterns. You might not want them in your main living areas, but the entryway is a great place to utilize your fun and creative side with bold wallpaper.

The use of wallpaper is also great for hiding scuff marks and normal wear and tear that will be common with all of the foot traffic in your entryway. Subtle paint colors will only highlight the dirt.


If you want to add something to your entryway that is a little more extensive, try adding an archway. This can be an arched front door or an archway into the next room. Either way, it is sure to be aesthetically pleasing to you and your guests.

An arched front door will give your guests a wow factor that can be seen from the curb and is a beautiful feature when your guests are leaving. It’s all in the details.

An archway into the next room will help distinguish the foyer and help to give it dimension. It can help to make the entryway look larger and create an open-looking floor plan even if your entryway is small.


You can easily be creative with the lighting that you use in your foyer. Currently, we are all about statement lighting. It’s an easy way to enhance the style of your foyer and draw attention to a beautiful piece of lighting. There are plenty of statement lighting pieces that will enhance your foyer. You only have to decide which style is best for your home and then use your creative and fun side to choose the statement lighting piece of your dreams.

Chandeliers will always add a sophisticated, elegant look in any room that you put them in. They are timeless. However, because your entryway is a smaller space than a lot of other common spaces in your house, a chandelier will add beauty while not taking up space.

If you have a two-story space, a tiered lighting piece will enhance the space. It will add depth to your entryway. Or, you can opt for an artistic piece of lighting. This is a statement piece where you can show off your creativity and uniqueness.

It’s important to realize how creative and fun, while functional, your entryway can be. At Holland Homes, we want to help you reflect your personality in your home. If you are looking to remodel or redesign your entryway, we can help you. Explore our website or contact us today at (334) 332-7157.

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