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As we start to really transition into the new year, we start to notice little things about our houses that we aren’t loving anymore. You might come across outdated trends that are ready to be taken over by new ones!

Whether you’re looking to remodel one room in your house or multiple rooms, here are the top 6 interior design trends that are quickly becoming crowd favorites for new renovations this new year.

Goodbye Clouds of Grey, Hello Skies of BLUE

Grey is so last year! As we saw grey was the go to color for a lot of designers, not to mention the go to color for many home design shows. 2020 vision is crystal clear and all signs lead to blue! “Classic Blue” to be specific is the color of the year to use. Classic blue is a variation of a navy blue which is a calming color that matches with lots of other colors. The blue can be used in a renovation as a new wall color, new tile color or simply a new furniture piece.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

All white kitchens are no longer what the people are wanting. So, give the people what they want! They want more color! This is also an opportunity where we can see an easy addition of the trendy, classic blue. Not only are people adding more color, they are adding multiple colors, to follow the two tone trend. Typically it’s best to use a lighter color for the higher cabinets and darker colors for lower ones. This trend really lets you have the best of both worlds when renovating your kitchen as you can integrate that extra pop of color that is so often needed!

Real Plants/Olive Branches

Another goodbye as we start 2020 is faux plants. Faux plants are not making the cut and real plants are starting to appear more and more. Many people enjoy doing their part to be green and save the planet, which is why more people are interested in having real, living plants in their home. Not only are we seeing plants being incorporated as an added accessory to a room, but plants are now becoming part of the room. We have seen additions of natural woods, dried flowers, and other natural things into furniture and style.

While 2019 was a time for the big, dramatic fig leafs to bring life into a space, 2020 is all about the subtle yet sophisticated olive tree. Depending on the room you are renovating the olive tree works in all types of spaces. If you need to fill a large space, bigger olive trees are available. However, if you are just wanting to add a little something to your office desk or a table, then smaller olive trees/ branches are the perfect new addition. According to Rue Magazine, the leaves of the olive tree have such a unique shade. The desaturated grayish green tone works really will with the golden hues of brass

Sociable Spaces

2020 means living our best lives, and to be able to do that while staying at home! People are wanting to leave their homes less, but are still wanting fun spaces to hang out with friends. The trend we are seeing a lot more of is the addition of social spaces. This could be as simple as a living room area with a bar cart to elevate a standard space.

In 2020 people are using hotels, bars, and even restaurants as inspiration for their home renovations. Creating a welcoming environment that is calming and entertaining, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Less is no Longer More

For as long as interior design has been around minimalism and keeping things looking clean and crisp has been the go to. 2020 has said move over minimalism, maximalism has arrived and we are here for it. Bold, bright, unique and different colors, patterns, and pairings are all welcomed into this new year! If you’re renovating your home adding a maximalist style to a room can completely change the feel of a room. This is the time to let your creative side come out! Allow yourself to move out of the box, but be careful as you don’t want to go from trendy to cluttered.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are what dreams are made of. Canopies add to a room by creating an even more relaxing environment, as well as making you feel like royalty. According to My Zeo, canopies are associated with royal apartments, feudal castles, princess bedrooms. Therefore, the person sleeping in this bed is sure to feel a sense of regalness.

Renovations can be stressful when trying to choose a trend to follow but you are unsure where to begin. Keep these top six trends in mind when making your final decision and you will have an outcome you’re sure to be happy with.

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