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The development of smart homes and smart neighborhoods are on the rise, as people are wanting and expecting their homes to be more technologically advanced and more efficient. Whether it be a smart doorbell or smart air conditioning units people are loving the innovative elements of their smart homes.

If you are contemplating whether you should make the investment into making your home smart or, if you are searching to buy a smart home, here are some the best reasons to take the smart home plunge.

Feel a better sense of security in your home.

Smart homes include smart doorbells and other features which allow for 24/7 monitoring of your home. Smart homes can come with security cameras, motion sensors, and automatic door locks all to give that extra level of security. Smart home technology is also continuously evolving, so there are even new things such as facial recognition technologies to unlock doors, meaning they are even harder to break into.

All of these smart features connect to your cell phone and give notifications whenever there is motion at your door or even just when it detects suspicious activity. This allows you to know what is going on in your home even if you’re at work or on vacation. You can not only know who is at your door, but actually talk to them through your phone as if you are home. The technology will go even further by sending notifications when someone leaves your house as well. This ensures the utmost security even when you’re not at home.

Save money on utility bills and insurance!

Saving money has never been easier - you don’t even have to change your habits. Smart home technology will turn off lights when no one is in the room, will adjust temperatures during the times of the day when no one is home and much more. According to Direct Energy, users of smart home technology for thermostat control alone saved anywhere from 10%-30% on their energy bill.

Not only are smart homes capable of turning off appliances, but they can also send a report of where you are using the most electricity to save even more money by conserving energy.

Insurance companies are quickly jumping on board with the trend on smart homes, and are working with companies to create more ways to give discounted rates for having smart home technologies. According to a 2015 study published by Accenture, four in 10 home insurance providers have launched partnerships with manufacturers who produce various security-related smart home technologies. These technologies include smart doorbells and other effective systems that check the status of parts of your home, such as humidity levels.


One of the biggest benefits of investing in a smart home is the convenience it adds to your everyday life. You can now leave your house and not have to turn around completely to double check if your door is locked or if you left the stove on. That’s right, smart homes have the technology to control everything from your phone. If you’re unsure if you locked the door you can easily check from wherever you are on your phone, and even lock your house via your phone, allowing for you to continue to your next destination without a worry!

Another convenience is being able to look after family or visitors when you are not able to be home. Whether you have a sick child at home, an older visitor, or just are entertaining a guest for the weekend, cameras in the smart home give you access to ensure that your loved ones are safe. Smart homes even have compatibility with baby monitors to give notifications,allowing you to keep an eye on your baby at all times and make sure they are okay.

You may have a furry four legged friend at your house, and these guys often need just as much attention! If you are running late home from work and need to feed your pet, a smart home can possess technology that connects your phone to a product that feeds your pets for you. Or if you’re just missing your pet and need a pep in your step at work, a smart home lets you check in on your four legged friends to make sure they are living their best life.

According to Straight Talk Wireless, the average American spends more than 3 hours on a smartphone per day. So it only makes sense that your smart house connects all utilities, security, and media throughout your home via an app that can be controlled on your phone. Allowing you to control most aspects of your home straight from your fingertips provides an unrivaled convenience.

Resale value

Adding smart elements into your home, or having a completely smart home adds to the value of your house and these days can actually make it more appealing to buyers. Having smart home features provides great talking points to any potential buyer as in this day and age, smart features are definitely a positive selling point. According to Realtor.com, smart home features can boost your home’s resale value by up to 5%—that's $15,000 on a $300,000 home.

Holland Homes is at the forefront of the smart home trend and have partnered with Alabama Power to create the most advanced smart neighborhood in Alabama. If you are interested in buying a smart home or want to learn more about the Northwoods Neighborhood click here.

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