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Have you ever started on a renovation and then later regretted your decision because it became too hard or too stressful? Oftentimes people make mistakes that increase their stress levels and make the remodeling process unenjoyable. Here at Holland Homes we want to help you prevent this by giving you some helpful tips that make remodeling your home more fun.

Choosing a contractor

Whether you want to revamp your kitchen or add character to the living room, the key to successful home renovations is having an exceptional contractor. To be confident in your renovation you must be confident in your building professional. When seeking a contractor, you want someone that will communicate all of the details for the project, work in a timely fashion, and conduct the project with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Finding a professional with these qualities will produce results that will leave you satisfied.

Communication is key

The leading factor of an unsuccessful remodeling project is miscommunication. Before doing anything make sure that you are in agreement with the other members of your household. Renovations frequently cause strife between family members because they either disagree on something or they are not on the same page. Make sure you are in agreement on a budget, as well as all other facets of the project. Once you have concurred with your family you will be able to bring a unified message to your contractor.

After deliberating with your family, it is now time to consult with a professional to communicate exactly what you want and gather all of the details necessary for your renovation. Talking with your contractor will hopefully give you a good idea if the project is DIY, or something that you should let them handle. If you suspect that your contractor isn’t capable of communicating the facts during each phase of the renovation, click the pause button on your plans and find a new contractor. Miscommunication is something to be avoided at all costs because it will bring unnecessary stress and will likely delay your renovation.

Have a concise plan

The next step in the process, after consulting with your contractor, is to develop a concise plan that will satisfy your needs. Be sure to have a game plan with time specific goals and detailed objectives. This will make your remodeling project more time efficient, less irritating, and more fun!

One challenge for many people is sticking with the plan that they come up with. Do your best to get the plan correct the first time, so you don’t have to adjust it too much. If you have to alter from your plan often, that will add time and frustration to your project. If you do need to make any changes to your plan mid-project, make sure that you are in agreement with your family members and contractor on exactly how to move forward.


If you have any doubts or lack confidence before the remodel then you shouldn’t proceed. After you are done with a renovation, you want to be ecstatic about how well it turned out. Buyers remorse is real, especially if you were iffy about the project to begin with. Talk with a professional to try to eliminate your uncertainty and bring some reassurance. You want to make sure that you are 100% confident in your remodel when the project begins.

Have Fun!

By providing these key tips, it’s our goal to help make the remodeling process go smoothly and ultimately make renovating your home more enjoyable. The feeling that comes after you see your plan come to fruition in your house can give you a sense of euphoria that is unmatched. Remodeling doesn’t have to be all hard work. If you take the right steps to ensure a streamlined process, you will be sure to have some fun throughout the exciting journey of revamping your home! Here at Holland Homes, the ultimate reward for us is to see our clients satisfied and in their dream homes.

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