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Not every homeowner can be blessed with the best and most amount of space in their home. However, that should not stop you from designing your small spaces in a way that maximizes your space. Small spaces still provide many opportunities to make that particular space feel much bigger.

Colors and Patterns

Colors: Colors can make or break a room. Whether you’re an adventurous soul and love to break the status quo with new colors, or you’re more conservative and usually stick to your whites and neutrals, using light colors in a small space can give an allusion of a bigger space. Light colors such as neutrals and pastels help make the room seem lighter and more open. Having a different color on your ceiling than your walls also makes a room feel bigger because it can direct your focus up, making you and your visitors feel more spacious in a certain area.

Patterns: Rule of thumb when it comes to patterns in a small room is that you should stick to a simplistic design because you do not want the room to come off cluttered and cramped. However, as with most rules, there is an exception, and that exception is stripes. Horizontal stripes/lines make the room feel wider, while vertical lines can make the space seem longer/taller. Accent pieces such as striped rugs can also help make spaces feel bigger.


Big Furniture Pieces: It is easy to assume that with a small room, there is no other choice but utilizing small furniture pieces. Furniture plays a huge role in making rooms seem larger than they are. However, using one big staple piece of furniture, instead of using lots of smaller furniture will give your space the illusion of being bigger. If you have too many pieces of small furniture the room can quickly feel cramped and tight.

Multi-Purpose Storage Furniture: Another way to not only make a room feel bigger but also a way to maximize all the space you are using is by adding multi-purpose storage pieces around the room. Coffee tables that open up for added storage or built in shelves are both great examples for this concept. One of the best things you can do in a small room to make it look bigger is keep it from being messy. Extra storage means you can store more to make sure that your small room doesn't look messy.

Legged Furniture: Furniture that is directly on the ground can make a room feel stuffy. Adding legs allows for light to travel under the furniture which again, tricks our eyes into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is. Items can still be low to the ground but choices with legs gives the space just enough room, that you feel like you are more spread out.

Rugs: Rugs are a little tricker than they seem. If a rug is too small for a space, game over, your small room is looking even smaller! Make sure the rug is a light color to add to the light space and airy feel of the room. If you are nervous about choosing the right rug, don't worry! No rug at all makes the room feel big and you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong size.


Natural Light: Let the sunshine in! Nothing makes a room feel bigger than some natural light! However, sometimes people want to add curtains to make sure the sun only comes into their house when they are ready for it and that is fine. When you are buying drapes make sure they don’t touch the floor of your small room or, better yet, have the curtains hanging higher than the window frame so it elongates the frame. Do not use dark curtains in your small room, it makes it feel smaller. The more natural light the better.

Artificial Light: Choosing the right light fixtures is another important feature when making a room seem bigger. Sometimes hanging lights can make a room feel smaller, so you just need to make sure that if you do have a light it forces the focus up. A tall, standing lamp is a perfect way to ensure that the focus is up. Another way to save space in a small room is by installing wall sconces to your room.

Mirrors and Art

Mirrors: In a small room a mirror will be your best friend. The best thing for you to do to make a room look bigger is strategically place a mirror on the opposite side of a window, which will reflect the natural light and make the space feel bigger.

Art: If you’re going to add a statement piece of art in your room try opting for one large focal point art piece. Also be sure to hang the art higher on the wall to create the illusion of higher ceilings.

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