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Kitchens are now the focal point of homes. Everyone is wanting to not only use their kitchen for practical purposes but, also as a social, sharable space. A backsplash is crucial for kitchens as it protects the wall from spills and stains while also giving the kitchen more personality. There are tons of decisions to be made when renovating a kitchen so here are some helpful things to keep in mind when picking out the perfect backsplash for your home.


Are you going to stick to neutrals or try out something new and bold? Color is important to consider for your backsplash because it will probably be the first thing you or a house guest will notice. It is also important for your backsplash to match your kitchen. The color of your backsplash must go with the design of the kitchen. When deciding the tone of your kitchen, which includes the types of colors and textures that will be used, keep in mind that the backsplash must also blend into or complement the theme. Many homeowners find using neutrals calming, while blues are cooling and reds are more warming. Whatever the case may be, choosing the right color for your backsplash is important because you will be living in your newly renovated or designed kitchen for a while - so you have to love it!


Once you have decided on the color of your backsplash you need to consider the shape and patterns of the backsplash. It can be scary to try out a bold look or make sure that the pattern you are looking at fits in perfectly with your home. So it is crucial that you test the backsplash to make sure it matches the rest of your home. If you are not sure HGTV says to, tape color and tile samples to the walls to see what they look like throughout the day as natural light changes. The shape and pattern of the backsplash add more character and personality to your home so make sure you choose one that represents you best.


Typically overlooked by homeowners, the height of your backsplash is important to keep in mind. The height is completely up to you and your design preference. If you want to have tile all the way up to the ceiling and create a statement piece, you can. If you are just wanting a small backsplash that goes up to the bottom of the cabinet that is also completely acceptable. It all comes down to your budget and taste. It is typically clear as to where to end the backsplash horizontally but do not make the mistake of not thinking out how tall you want the backsplash to be in your kitchen redesign.


Your countertops should be the first thing you pick when renovating or designing a kitchen. The counters will be the main focal point but are also what set the stage for the rest of your kitchen additions. Your countertops and your backsplash should complement each other. So if you have a solid, neutral counter your backsplash has the freedom to be fun colors or patterns. However, if you have a colored countertop, your backsplash should lean more towards the neutral side. That way your backsplash and counters level each other out.


In recent years we have seen a shift in design when it comes to grout. Grout used to outline every tile on the backsplash in white, showing every tile being used. Now, homeowners are matching the color of their grout to the tiles they are using. Unless homeowners are making a statement piece, then a contrasting color is often selected. The grout is literally what holds your backsplash together so it is important to invest in a high quality grout to ensure your backsplash is high quality and will last.


As with every project that you start in your home, it is crucial to stay on budget. Home projects can get expensive if you are not careful, so be sure to keep track of your spending. Backsplash materials in a kitchen can become pricey depending on how much space you are trying to cover and the type of tiles you are buying. If you are worried about budget, the most budget friendly materials are typically ceramic or porcelain. Some types of tiles can get up to $100 per tile so be sure not to fall in love with a pattern or color of tile until you check if it’s within your budget.

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