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Floor plans are extremely important when it comes to buying or building a home. Your floor plan is the foundation for your home, creating the setting for the rest of your design plan. Floor plans help you understand where anything else will go in your house and within each room. Because of this, we have provided a guideline for how to pick the right floor plan for your needs. This strategy can help you with the layout of each room within your house, and help you to remodel or visualize what you want your space to look like.


Step one in picking a floor plan is to visualize what you want your room to look like. Picture where you want everything to go, and how much space you need for your home. Think about adding furniture and decoration when you think about the home you want for yourself. You want to make sure you keep in mind that decoration and furniture will take up space as well. Once you have visualized your new home, explore floor plans to match your vision.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When choosing the right floor plan for you, it’s very important to think about your lifestyle and how you want your living space to correlate with it. You want your floor plan to meet your desires and needs. It will help to reflect on these things early on in the process. There are plenty of questions you could ask yourself when doing this. Do you ever work from home and need an office? Do you want extra space in your kitchen for cooking? Do you have a big family and need more bathrooms or a room for the kids to hang out in? Would you want additional living space for visitors? When looking through floor plans, ask yourself these questions to ensure you pick the right floor plan for you.

Take Notes or Create A Spreadsheet

Jotting down important factors of what you want for your floor plan or drawing out ideas can help your visualization come to life. Our design guides help bring your dream home to life, aiding in the process of picking your floor plan. When thinking of the visual aspects you want in your home, see how the layout could alter that vision. Once you have a good idea of what you want, it is time to pick your floor plan!

Think About Any Other Potential External Factors

Once you reflect on your lifestyle, this step will feel easy. You’ve thought about what you may need or want to suit your lifestyle for your home, and you feel ready to select a floor plan. This step is more of a way to double-check that you are sure you’re picking out what’s best for you. When reflecting on external factors, think about where you see yourself down the road. For instance, five years from now, do you think you’ll have kids and need a bigger space? Do you think you’ll want an extra room for visitors? It’s helpful to go with your gut here and to be honest with yourself. Think about where you want each room laid out as well. Consider whether or not you’ll want space to store things. You may even want to make the most of your garage space! No matter what you choose, Holland Homes is here to help you build your dream home. We want your visualizations to come to life!

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