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Springtime calls for novelty, growth, and new beginnings. Bring your home to life this spring and leave your house feeling new and fresh. Whether it be through decorating your home for the seasonal change or getting rid of things to add more space, Holland Homes is here to help you make the most of your Spring home. As your local homebuilder, we want you to make the most of your living space and enjoy your household, no matter what season of life you’re in.

1. Switch the Soaps

It's time to welcome in the vibrant scents of spring! Get rid of the peppermint and gingerbread air fresheners and soaps, and replace them with citrus candles, floral-scented soaps, and lavender candles. Sweet orange dish detergent, sunshine scents, and milk and honey fragrances will also bring a sense of spring and growth to your home. Adding misty rain scents can relate back to spring and its season of growth and novelty. These spring candles can help to make your home feel more awake and alert, and will bring the joys of springtime to life no matter what the weather is like outside!

2. April Showers Bring May Flowers

This Spring, bring the outdoors inside to spruce up your home! Plant decorating is a great trend that has been on the rise and there are many easy ways to add flower arrangements to your home. Cacti, succulents, stand-alone plants, and tropical plants are all the new rage, as well as plant shelves. For a unique decorating idea, try setting up flower arrangements and bouquets in jars and vases throughout your home. Popular plants for inside or outside your home include hydrangeas, lavender, marigolds, daffodils, petunias, and so much more. The freshness of these plants will leave you feeling like it’s Spring in no time!

3. Spring Cleaning in Full Swing

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings, and what better way to start fresh than with a thorough spring cleaning and cleaning out? Begin by dusting the blinds, washing the windows, and vacuuming the floors. For providing more space in your home, downsize by clearing out your closets and bookshelves, and don’t forget to attack the attic or storage closet. Not only will you feel productive and refreshed, but your home will look and feel shiny and new. Make the most of your garage space by setting aside areas for workout equipment or entertainment. Spring cleaning will leave you feeling renewed and your home more spacious and inviting.

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