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Congratulations on moving into your new home! Now it is time to design the interior of your new space. Designing the interior of your home is a way to make the walls you live in feel uniquely your own. When purchasing a new home built by Holland Homes, Auburn’s trusted homebuilders, you can design the layout of your home, but once you move in, it is time for you to do the same for your interior. Don’t know where to start? Do not fret, here are some fun and simple steps to get you started on designing the interior of your home.

1. Gather Your Inspiration

To embark on your interior design journey, you should begin by gathering inspiration for your new home's interior. A great way to start this is by perusing home magazines, looking at new trends on blogs, and using social media platforms like Pinterest to develop some ideas. Be sure to take note of color schemes, furniture styles and arrangements, and decorative details that catch your eye. You can create a mood board or a digital folder to collect all your inspirations in one place. This can help you visualize your desired style and guide your decisions throughout the process.

2. Determine Your Personal Style

After getting some design inspiration, it's time to understand your personal style. When identifying your style it is important to ask yourself questions to narrow down the options of what you prefer. Do you prefer a minimalist or maximalist look? Are you more of a fan of the clean contemporary or the rustic bohemian aesthetic? Is painting the walls or putting up wallpaper right for you? These questions, and many others, are necessary to ask you and your family to determine your next steps to making your home interior authentic. Understanding your style will help you make cohesive choices for furniture, colors, and decor. You should consider the functionality of your space for your family as well. If your family is one with children or pets, a durable and practical interior may be a better choice. Develop an interior design style that not only reflects your personality but aligns with your lifestyle.

3. Plan the Layout

Now it's time to plan how to arrange your furniture and make the best use of the space in each room. Start by measuring the rooms accurately. Then, create a floor plan on paper or using a digital tool, drawing everything to scale. Think about how people will move around in the room and where the important things will be placed. Experiment with different furniture arrangements and see what works best. Make sure there's enough space for walking and that everything feels balanced. Taking the time to plan the layout will help you create a functional and attractive home that suits your needs.

4. Color Palette and Materials

Choosing the right color palette and materials is extremely important for creating the atmosphere you strive for in each room. Choose colors that complement your style and make you feel the way you want in that space. Remember to keep the lighting conditions in each space in mind, because colors can appear different under natural and artificial lighting. Also, keep in mind the parts of your everyday life. If you have kids or pets, it's a good idea to go for things that are durable and easy to clean.

5. Furniture and Decor Selection

Lastly, it’s time to get creative. After determining your inspiration, style, layout, color palette, and materials, it's time to begin choosing your furniture and decor. Begin the purchasing of what will fill your home with essential pieces. Essential furniture is considered items that you will need as soon as you move in like, beds, sofas, tables, and chairs. After determining what you will purchase you can then then build around them with accessories and decorative elements. These would be items such as artwork, lamps, or throw pillows. Be sure to consider your floor plan and the size and proportions of items to ensure that every piece of furniture or decor fits well and has its place. Buying furniture and decorations that align with your style and mean something to you is very important when designing your new home. These items help create a distinctive atmosphere as you are transforming your new into a true reflection of your identity.

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