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The new year is fast approaching which means it's time for a revamp! Even though 2019 is still a month away, now is a perfect opportunity to embrace what's in fashion and new. Why not get a head start on some fresh decor and design trends to start the new year in style?

First up: Floral Fabrics and Wallpapers

This is an excellent opportunity to play with color and texture to add dimension into your space. You can go bold or subtle with floral patterns - the options seem endless. Break up boring walls with an accent wall! Or, have a color scheme in mind? Floral throw pillows within the same color palette can add the right amount of pattern without coming across as overwhelming. Floral is the perfect way to bring modernity into your home while creating an airy and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Bold Backsplashes

Monochrome kitchens are taking a backseat in the design world. With the new year why not create a space that's bold and higher impact? Contrasting colors with graphic tiles is a sure fire way to make your kitchen stand out in a good way! This seemingly small detail can definitely go a long way, especially if you're transitioning from a one-toned kitchen. This trend effortlessly elevates your home and you're sure to get compliments while hosting those holiday dinner parties!

3. Shop Sustainable

This trend will not only benefit you, but also the environment! A win-win in everyone's book! Handmade pieces made from rice paper, jute or clay is a perfect way to incorporate some grounding elements in your home. These details can make you feel more connected to the earth and your roots giving a new definition to "home." These accents can be anything from light fixtures to a unique recycled mantle piece that brings your living room together.

4. Mix (Metal) It Up!

Mixing metal accents throughout your home adds a layer of balance and definition in both a tasteful and timeless way. The key to this trend is knowing which metals complement each other. For example, brass, gold and nickel accents mix well with either oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron accents. Silver and pewter pairs wonderfully with bronze and black metals as well. Remember to have fun with this one as you discuss your remodel with your builder! It's all about moderation, variation and context.

5. Black is Back

For some, this color may seem like the last one you would want to bring into your home. And yes, it can be intimidating, but when done correctly it can evoke elegance and style. Spa-inspired bathrooms are becoming more and more popular which is a perfect opportunity to incorporate black. Transform your bathroom with sleek designs with black marble backsplashes, and dark colored fixtures. The key to a black color scheme is layering so your design doesn't come across as flat. This bold and black bathroom can elicit an indulgent high-end experience.

6. Inviting Velvet

Velvet is the most searched fabric and sales have increased exponentially over the last couple of years. Seductive and sumptuous, it's the way to go to increase sophistication within your home. Crushed velvet adds a lovely depth to an already textured fabric, whereas patterns and prints give an extra pop to velvet. No matter the type of velvet fabric you choose, it is fantastic for sofas, armchairs and beds. The ultimate chic and comfortable trend!

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