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It is the new year and what better way to celebrate than with brand new home renovations. Before you take the plunge and start designing your new home, you should first consider zeroing-in on spaces that you use constantly. Bathroom renovations may be simple, but they go a long way. Renovating a bathroom doesn’t always require a total overhaul: it can be as simple as swapping the sink, the faucet or bathroom wall lights. So far, this year has seen launches of some amazing new collections, from patterned sinks, taps and light switches, to curved scalloped fish scale tiles, and colourful mosaic tiles. There are so many ways to turn a bland bathroom into a bold one with the help of the top 2019 bathroom renovation trends.

Big Impressions in Small Spaces

Just because a bathroom is a small space does not mean the renovations need to be hindered in any way. A bathroom is just as important as any other room in the house, if not more important. You may not realize it but you spend a vast amount of time in your bathroom, so renovating it first makes plenty of sense. Do not be afraid to try bold things in your bathroom like high-contrast, large-scale wallpaper. This helps to expand a small space and infuses it with an artful attitude. You could also try integrating gold to create a pop of color and modernize the bathroom, or use some brightly coloured wallpaper of your choice. Gold fixtures and shades of brass are taking over sinks, toilets, and basically anything and everything in your bathroom this year. This lovely new warm toned gold plumbing fixture trend adds just the right amount of depth, dimension, and luxurious feel to any space.

Industrial Vibes

Exposed hardware and pipes are making their way back into the chic bathroom trends this year. Bathrooms are incorporating more exposed shower plumbing, giving the bathroom an industrial feel. This rustic look pairs effortlessly with white marble, giving the bathroom a sheek, modern vibe. We used to see exposed hardware and plumbing strictly in antique homes, but it has come back in a more streamlined and sleek way. Concrete and plaster, which was once considered cold and harsh, can also be used in the space to complement the exposed hardware look and further enhance your industrial vibe. Concrete and plaster are now being used in a way that makes your space modern and warm as opposed to cold.

Statement Mirrors

Mirrors add depth to any bathroom, as well as serve as a vital role in our daily life. Mirrors do not have to be boring or simple, and if they are used in the right way they can serve as bold statements in your bathroom. An impactful mirror can create something that feels personal and unique in your home. It is common to place your vanity in front of your mirror, so make the your surroundings look great, so you can see and appreciate all your bathrooms elements when looking in the mirror everyday! Statement windows and furniture not only complement a bold mirror, but add warmth to your space.

Wood Furnishings and Accents

If you decide not go with the concrete or plaster trend, a great alternative is using wood. Setting a warm and neutral tone to your bathroom is necessary, especially in a space that is meant for relaxation. Although wood is not the most popular material for a wet room, more and more people are going for made-to-measure vanities and other furniture pieces for their bathroom made of wood. Various shades of wood can complement white, blue, green, and darker colored bathrooms. Consider using white for the wash basin to create a more zen and sleek design. Wood accents pair nicely with vintage and industrial trends so it’s no surprise that they’re popping up again. This look adds a classically traditional style to an otherwise trendy and modern bathroom.

Big Bathtubs and Open Showers

During the renovation process there is always a possibility for expansion, and if that is the case you should consider upscaling the size of your bathtub or shower. By using compact storage options, you give yourself the room to focus on the most important component of the bathroom- the bathtub and/or shower. This year, we are seeing a shift in trends to larger bathtubs. The bigger the bathtub, the more space you have to relax and unwind after a long, stressful day. We are also seeing a shift in showers to the open shower trend. These style of showers not only visually increase the size of your bathroom, but also allow for more space and convenience.

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