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With a new year comes new trends and ways for homeowners to overhaul their old lifestyle. Changing up or remodeling your outdoor living spaces can be a great way to freshen up your home, especially with warm weather right around the corner. Spring into a beautifully designed living space with these 2019 outdoor trends:

1. What is old is new again

Vintage is back and retro is in. Choosing unique pieces to complement your living space can make it one of a kind. Play some classics on your speaker as you lounge in your newly refurbished backyard. Pre-loved pieces can give your furniture set up the perfect glimpse of the glory days. Even one vintage piece can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic. For example, you could add a cute vintage bar cart next to a vintage couch and transport your backyard into a Fitzgerald novel.

2. Eco-conscious outdoor designs

With the big push for eco-friendly products, outdoor furniture designers are hopping on the sustainability train. Designers are working to create more product lines that are better suited to the environment. Make your home more eco-friendly with furniture made from recyclable materials. Now you can cut down on your carbon footprint and you don't have to sacrifice on design. Solar lamps can be purchased to cut down on electricity costs. Synthetic turf is a great natural grass alternative where children can play, adults can relax and dogs can run. It is always green and always lush, even during times of significant drought, and requires very little maintenance compared to what it takes for natural grass to look good. If sustainability is important to you, look into incorporating these eco-friendly pieces into your outdoor design.

3. Color is the new black

A little dash of color here and a little dash of color there can brighten anyone's day. Color and design are known to influence your emotions. Vibrant colors can shift your mood using colors like white to brighten the area and accenting it with a relaxing purple. Adding plants to your living space can also be a great way to add a dash of green to your color wheel. If you prefer a more modest color wheel, rose, emerald, lavender, and burgundy can be a great place to start. You can also try brightening up your space after sunset to add a pop of light with with durable and stylish lighting fixtures. Light your patio entertaining area with granite lamp posts or patio pillar lamp posts. You can also try hanging an outdoor chandelier to illuminate a dining area, or string lights around the fence to add just the right amount of whimsy to your exterior.

4. Wanderlust

Wanderlust can be defined as having a strong desire to travel. What better way to transport yourself to your favorite travel location than bringing it right to your own backyard. A taste of the Tuscan countryside can be brought right to your door with an Italy-inspired look. Enjoy laughing and talking with your friends and family on your rustic looking furniture. Designers find inspiration at every corner of the world and you could too. Japanese influences in furniture and outdoor design are becoming popular. Sure, you can't bring the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower home, but you can take inspiration from your favorite sights. You can use textures that emulate the architecture or style of your favorite place. Maybe a sleek marble side table is an ode to the modern buildings in your favorite city or a vintage piece with rustic wood is reminiscent of your trip to the countryside. Whatever it may be, nothing says home like a collection of memories.

5. Minimalistic

Sometimes less is more. Simplistic and minimal is a trend for 2019. Streamlined silhouettes and functionality are top-of-mind with this style of furniture. Functionality is the focus with a sleek design that will leave your backyard feeling renewed. Muted colors work to create a peaceful atmosphere. By limiting the use of design elements you can give your outdoor area a neat and clean appearance. A minimalist area takes advantage of hardscape materials, d├ęcor and furniture and neutral tones, like white, tan, grey and brown. With the right hardscaping elements and plants, you can achieve this fresh, contemporary landscape design.

Sprucing up your patio or backyard can be fun with these unique and contemporary styles. Create a new environment where you can relax and make memories with family and friends.

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