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The master bedroom is a space in a home where a homeowner can escape from reality, relax and take time for themselves. It is important for a homeowner to feel comfortable and relaxed within their space. A master bedroom can be decorated and remodeled to fit a person’s unique style and everyday needs. Here at Holland Homes, we want to provide our readers with tips and inspiration for remodeling a master bedroom. Whether you’re remodeling to change the theme and color, adding more space, or moving the location of the master bedroom, there are many different routes a homeowner can take to create their dream room.

The Plan

The drafting and implementation of a plan are crucial. A plan is more than an idea or a sketch, it is intentional and detailed. Plans allow the homeowner to know exactly what and how they are investing their money and for the contractor to see a detailed example of what service they will be providing. To create a well-rounded remodeling plan you need:

Budget: It is important to decide on a budget at the beginning of the design process - if not, it can be easy to invest in a project that is too expensive.

Financial cushioning: Construction problems are almost inevitable, so factoring the chance of issues arising during the remodeling process into a budget is almost necessary.

Dependable contractor: The client should never be afraid to ask questions about the plan because the remodel is intended to satisfy the homeowner and to create a space the homeowner enjoys to spend their time.

Changing color

When a client is remodeling, it is common to see a homeowner wanting to change the color scheme of their room. Whether the client wants to make their master bedroom more neutral for a feeling of relaxation or adding a pop of bright color for excitement, Holland Homes is here to assist our clients in accomplishing those needs. The color scheme of a master bedroom gives the homeowner a chance to express their personality and uniqueness throughout their space. Some examples of colors that are trending right now are:

  • Forest green
  • Tan
  • Mustard yellow
  • Muted grey
  • Pale pink
  • Cream

The color palette that is chosen for a master bedroom remodel sets the tone and the mood within the room. After exploring different color schemes and theme options, it is important to choose one that a homeowner knows they will be satisfied with and committed to.


Generally, if a house has more than one floor, homeowners prefer the master bedroom on the main floor. This remodels request usually occurs when elderly people are preparing for retirement and the struggles that come along with old age. Having a bedroom located on the main floor reduces the chance of having an accident while attempting to go up and down stairs. Obviously, the relocation of a bedroom is a more in-depth process than simply changing the color and theme, but it is a remodel that homeowners are satisfied with once it is completed.


Another popular master bedroom remodel is upgrading the master bathroom or adding a master bathroom. This feature clients love because it is beneficial to their everyday lives but it also adds resale value to the home. Depending on the client, the master bathroom remodel can be detailed, like turning the master bath into a spa room or it just can be an update on the bathroom appliances. Bathroom designs can be pricey if a client is not aware of how much they are spending. For example, the installation of a new shower can be expensive because it involves many different factors.


There is always the option to remodel the entire master bedroom. Although this choice of remodeling can be more pricey, it is worth it because it gives the homeowner the opportunity to design their bedroom exactly how they want. Plus, it will increase the resale value of the home in case there is a move. Remodels of the entire master bedroom consists of expanding the space, renovating the bathroom, updating and adding closet space, the addition of a suite or any other design. Some popular master bedroom remodels are floor to ceiling windows, a fireplace, architectural details and much more. Through this process, clients have the ability to design a room they look forward to coming home to every single day.

Holland Homes wants to provide our clients with an easy, exciting and stress-free process with any remodeling project. We take pride in the work we do and we want to help our clients reflect their personality and uniqueness with every project we take on. If you are looking at wanting to remodel your master bedroom, we are here to help you create your dream bedroom.

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