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Tackling a home renovation project comes with hundreds of decisions, but the most important one is who you choose to lead the project. The contractor plays a crucial role in transitioning a house into a home, so you will need to hire someone not only capable but trustworthy.

A home builder is responsible for organizing and managing the entire project from start to finish meaning you'll want to invest in a company of quality. Find a service company with values, that cares more about pleasing you rather than just finishing a job. It's the detailed care that will separate your remodel from the rest.

Shopping for a contractor is a lot like shopping for your home: it takes patience, energy and a lot of 'no's' before that final 'yes.' Before you begin your search, review your expectations.

Contractors that are worth your money have packed schedules, but don't let that discourage you when flipping through the Yellow Pages after failing to receive a callback. This doesn't mean they are not interested in working with you but are probably on a ladder somewhere with their hands full. Often times they'll ring you back when they are away from the job site. Remember, a slow response time is not necessarily a bad sign, it shows that they are in high demand and is an excellent indicator that they are worth the wait.

Make sure to ask questions throughout the whole process and understand why they are doing what they are doing to ensure that if there may be any future issue you can talk through it with ease. When communicating with potential prospects consider asking these questions:

  • Do you take on projects this size?
  • How many other projects will you be working on simultaneously?
  • Do you provide financial references, from suppliers or banks?
  • How will you be paid?
  • On what terms will I be billed?
  • What role will you play once the home renovation begins?
  • Who will be assigned to my project and what is their experience?

When going through the process of hiring a contractor, it is essential that they have an open and continuous dialogue with their client. Pay attention to how comfortable you feel with them. The right hire will be easy to talk to, understanding of your budget and goals, and have experience with your type of project. Remodeling your home is an exciting but also nerve-wracking and lengthy process, so you want to make sure the final product matches your initial vision.

Communicating the design of your new bathroom or kitchen should be fun, so hire someone who will not only give you their experienced advice but also be willing to go outside the box when crafting the renovation of your dreams.

After the interview process, it's time to go into the bid review. You should have shared your project documents (floor plans, material lists, etc.) with them, and then ask them to submit a quote to you within the next few days. If you receive a quote that is reasonable, you should set up a time to meet face-to-face to discuss the bid in detail. This step is crucial because you want to understand exactly what you are being quoted so that when comparing other prospects you can easily choose the right one.

Ask each contractor to break down the cost of materials, labor, profit margins and any other possible expenses. After these steps, you can move onto the final stages of the process.

During your renovation process, consider Holland Homes for you remodel. Their values separate them from their competition. Their personal approach ensures that their client's receive results beyond their dreams while creating a calming and stable environment throughout the whole process.

They are both a home-builder and a contractor, being a professional construction service that is small enough to care, and big enough to handle any client's needs with excellence. They understand budget concerns and create a plan for you to make sure you receive the best remodel possible.

For more information, feel free to visit our website www.hollandhomesllc.com or call us at (334) 332-7157.

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