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Building a custom home can be intimidating and overwhelming. Here at Holland Homes, we have a unique process involving four steps to ensure a positive experience while building a custom home. The first step is to develop the buyer’s dream - where the dream is turned into reality. The second step is the design of the home - focusing on both interior design and exterior design. The third step is the actual building process - the ability to see a new home “come to life”. The fourth, and final step, is a year-long service from Holland Homes - assistance in home touch-ups. Although each and every step is crucial, the most important aspect of this process is figuring out which custom home design is right for you. The key word is ‘custom’ - meaning the buyer can be specific in the details of the home and are able to design it exactly as they want. There are many different options and details to consider when designing a custom home. We want to provide our clients with some ideas to consider as they design the custom home that is exactly what they want.

Front Door Designs and Entryways

A great custom addition to a new home can be the design of the front door and the home’s entryway. There are many different options and all design vary from one another. Doors and entryways give each and every home a unique and personal feel. For example, in the featured photo - ‘The Lawden’ 3 bed, 2 bath design - an archway is built around the front door. An archway adds depth and an eye-catching element to the home. Buyers are not limited to only an archway, because there are many other types of entryways to choose from. Doors can vary from wooden, fiberglass, steel, french and more. While entryways can be designed to fit the theme of the home; this is can vary from a wrap-around front porch to a simple awning.

Different Kinds of Roofing

The roofing of a home can be aesthetically pleasing and add to the curb appeal of a home. Although metal roofings have a major design benefit, they are cost effective as well. A metal roof lasts much longer than the traditional roof made with shingles. Initially, the price of a metal roof is more than shingles, but in the long-run an investment in metal will pay off. Another cost effective way to incorporate a metal roof in a custom home is to strategically place metal on smaller awnings of the home - like the example in the featured photo of ‘The Azalea’ design. There are many different types of roofing options to choose from - besides metal. The other options are slate, solar, rubber slate, clay or concrete tiles and more.

Designing a Unique Backyard

Most people love to spend time outdoors. A positive factor when it comes to building a custom home is the ability to design a dream backyard. Whether it be building a fence, installing a deck, a back porch, an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor spot for entertainment. For example, the featured image is a photograph of a custom backyard designed by Holland Homes. The outdoor fireplace is the perfect spot to spend time with friends or a great spot to read a book. The idea behind designing a custom home is to bring the buyer’s personality into the layout of the home. The addition of a designed backyard is not a necessity but many buyers benefit from the additional space because it provides more unique places for a family to spend time together.


The number of windows on a home can be controlled. Some buyers do not care for a huge amount of natural lighting, while some buyers want there to be more natural light throughout there home. The amount of natural light can be controlled by windows. This is generally a personal preference of the buyer. The number of windows and the position on the house allows for natural light and views of the outdoors from the interior of the home.

Holland Homes wants our customers to be in love with their custom home once the process is complete. Deciding what aspects are most important to you is the first step when it comes to figuring out what your custom home is going to look like. We want our buyers to have an easy and stress-free experience when working with us to build a home fit just for them. If you are interested in designing and building your very own custom home, please contact Holland Home (334) 332-7157 - we will be pleased to help!

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