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Here at Holland Homes, we understand that there is both a significant investment and a significant amount of stress that can develop during a remodel. Remodels are fantastic for a wide variety of reasons. The main reason being because they give a customer the opportunity to personalize a home to ensure it fits all their needs. During a remodel, people often focus on the larger and more exciting features like the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the basement. Although exciting, these larger features can often lead individuals to forget the smaller factors that are just as important in terms of functionality of your home. One of the most commonly overlooked features is where to consider and place custom storage. A home with poorly placed storage or a lack of storage space can significantly decrease resale value. There is a wide variety of locations within a home where storage can be added. Holland Homes wants to provide our clients with some information on the most popular and unique locations to add custom storage solutions throughout a home.


Closets are a space within a home that are used daily. Due to their constant use, a closet can easily become unorganized and messy which often leads to you needing to go through the hassle of, and waste time re-organizing it. Luckily, the remodeling process is the perfect time to create functional storage compartments within a closet. Remodeling allows you to design a custom storage system perfectly fit for a particular space. Regardless of the closet size - whether it is a walk-in closet, a kids closet or a hall closet - a custom storage system is extremely beneficial and makes organization much easier. Generally, when designing a storage system for a walk-in closet customers will request overhead shelving, jewelry drawers, tie racks, shoe racks and more. A kids closet will usually consist of a more simple, kid-safe, custom organization system. Hall closets also benefit from a simple custom storage design to ensure versatility, allowing you to store whatever is needed in this space.

Home Office

People who have the ability to work from home consider it to be a luxury. Although, it can often be an inconvenience if your home office is not designed in an effective manner. If designed poorly, an at home office can be unproductive. Regardless of the type of work being performed, whether it is operating a small business or paying bills, people perform work more proficiently in a well-organized environment. Investing in a home office custom storage system will create a structured, unique and personalized work environment that fits all your needs. A home office custom storage system can vary from office shelving, office cabinets or a custom desk that is designed exactly for the right height and the right size for you. It is important to be comfortable and feel productive in the space where you work - a custom storage design will help you find this space more enjoyable to be in.


Every homeowner wants a kitchen that has plenty of storage space and is easy to use. Generally, when a remodel is taking place, the kitchen will be a main point of focus. Due to the amount of cooking and family activity, the kitchen is the location in the home that requires strategic storage placement. Luckily, custom storage systems are able to help ensure the kitchen is a space that can be loved, not loathed. Luckily, there are a wide variety of custom storage choices to insert throughout a kitchen. These custom storage ideas include:

Custom pantry design - a custom pantry design can be created in a variety of ways. The pantry is a place that can easily become messy and disorganized. By adding shelves, baskets, cabinets, wine racks, spice racks, recycling bins, etc, a pantry space can be utilized to its full potential.

Corner cabinets- A corner cabinet is beneficial because it uses space in the kitchen that would normally be wasted. They also give the kitchen space a more uniform and “clean-cut” appearance.

Under-the-sink drawers -The addition of an under-the-sink drawer is a great place to store cleaning fluids, dishwashing detergent, trash bags, trash cans, paper towels and more. These products are not something people want laying around on their kitchen counter, and an under-the-sink drawer assists with the organization of these products.

Cookie sheet drawers - A cookie sheet is large and due to the size, they are often hard to find a spot for. By inserting a drawer specifically designed for cookie sheets, the struggle of finding a place for them will be solved.

These are just a few examples of how custom storage solutions can be beneficial within a kitchen.

Garage Makeover

A garage is often an overlooked area to customize. Generally, a garage within a home can often become a place for junk or for anything outdoor related. If you invest in a customizable storage system that includes spaces designed for tools, fishing rods, car washing products, yard tools, etc, a garage can quickly become an extremely useful and organized space.

Holland Homes understands how important storage space is when designing a home. The more storage, the better. We hope our customers will take our suggestions and use them during their next remodeling process and we are here to help educate you and guide you throughout your journey. If you are looking to remodel your home, give us a call at (334) 332 -7157.

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