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Home building and design trends are always changing with the newest technology, better materials, and new inspiration. According to Statista, residential building improvements in the United States are estimated to value of over 200 billion U.S. dollars. The home building industry is at an all time high, with more people building personalized homes for their family, or renovating their homes to cater to their specific needs, than ever. Here are some of the current home building trends you need to know about for your own home improvement!

Open Floor Plan

This has been a trend for years now and it has only become more popular. High ceilings, less walls, and open spaces allow you to have an open floor plan and experience an inviting, spacious home. This open floor concept gives your home a larger, breathable feeling. The more space you have, the more comfortable your family will be!

More Technology

With new technology always coming out it has become more common to have technologically advanced appliances in your home. With voice assisting appliances becoming popularized, you can now do things like turn off the lights or play music without having to get up from the couch. At Holland Homes, we know that technology can be a helpful tool in your home and in your everyday life. We have started construction on our first smart neighborhood, with homes that feature things like smart thermostats, smart door locks, and smart security system. Homes with smart technology have just become more efficient and easier to use.

Everything Quartz

Quartz has become increasingly popular for countertops in every part of the house. While wall designs have become more colorful, people want to keep their countertops sleek with a clean, bright material that is also durable. Marble quartz is also a popular trend and will add contrast and depth to any room. An advantage of quartz is that it is a man made material, so it can be customized to be any shape or size that the buyer desires.

Incorporating Spanish Style

Mederetarian style homes have become sought after for their high ceilings, natural wood, and light interiors. Spanish style homes usually feature large fireplaces, iron fixtures, and rich colors. These features make up a large part of current home building trends, and create a warm, comfortable environment.

Farmhouse Exteriors

While spanish interiors are in fashion, farmhouse exteriors are also a sought after style. Farmhouse style usually features white board and battens to create a charming, country-chic exterior. This wooden exterior will give your home a sturdy, classic look that will never go out of style.

Glass Walls

Extra windows and natural light will give the illusion of a bigger, more inviting home. Because of this, glass walls have become an unexpected trend in new homes. Glass and steel dividers are replacing doors within homes and glass walls in rooms like the kitchen have become more popular. Glass walls that can open up to the outside world add a luxurious feature to any home. Instead of glass walls, some homes are sporting walls of windows to let in more natural light, while allowing more privacy.

Fire is on Fire

Fire accessories in the home is an investment, but can be a huge advantage. Fireplaces and fire pits create a cozy, comfortable area for all your social gatherings. Fire places can also be a beautiful focal point for your living area. If you are building your own home, adding a fireplace may be a worthy investment.

Statement Bathrooms

Personal bathrooms are having their moment. People want to give themselves the spa experience in their own home, which has led to the rise of statement tubs and elaborate showers. The bigger and more beautiful the tub, the better. Showers are also getting makeovers with new shower head technology and people adding drying stations outside their showers and baths. The statement bathroom trend focuses on comfort and luxury that you can experience in your own bathroom.

Tile Backsplash Walls

Instead of just adding a backsplash behind your kitchen or bathroom sink, how about creating an entire wall of backsplash tiles! Colorful and funky tiles are nothing new, but adding this to an entire wall will create a bold focal point in any bathroom or kitchen. It is also a cost effective way to bring some style and color to your home.

Trends are always changing in the home building community and improvements can always be made to your home. According to a study done by Empire Today, the main reason people wanted to renovate their home was for a “new look”. With these newest home building trends you can add some personality and style to your home. Everyone has their own personal style and preference of home decor that represents their personality. At Holland Homes, we take pride in our craftsmanship for every unique home project. We can take your new ideas and dreams and make them into a reality. Call us today at 334-332-7157 to set up a consultation, or browse our website to learn more about how we can renovate your home.

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