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Remodeling your home can be intimidating to say the very least. Finding a contractor can make your dreams come to life. Here at Holland Homes, we know what designs will work and fit in your space and will guide you from the very beginning to make reality out of your vision. At this point, you may be asking yourself:

Which room should I renovate first? Where do I start?

Let’s start with the kitchen. The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in a home. Not only does it provide necessary tools to prepare meals, but it also provides a space for communication, family connection, and contentment. After all, the way to just about everyone’s heart resides in what you prepare in a kitchen and the heart of every home is, coincidentally, the kitchen.

After narrowing your starting room choice, you may be faced with intimidation on where to begin. Holland Homes will work with our customers to turn their old, outdated kitchens into the kitchen of their dreams.

We’ve put together four great ideas to get you started on your kitchen renovation.

1. Cabinet Conundrum

Cabinets can easily look outdated, especially when it contrasts the beautiful backsplash and mixed metal mania. Seeing as the majority of the kitchen is taken up by the cabinets, it is not far off to assume that re-doing cabinets can really change the look and feel of the whole kitchen.

There are two options with cabinetry: reface or replace. Refacing can definitely save you some money but replacing can also improve the look of your kitchen immensely. Most of the time, if you want to reface, cabinets can be painted or sanded and restained. Another option is taking off the cabinet doors to expose the tableware or fine china.

To replace, you definitely have more options of look, feel and location. Not only can you change the material of the cabinet entirely, but you can choose whether you want some of the cabinets to be covered with a door, or exposed. To expose your cabinets, you can replace the door with a glass pane, or take off the cabinet door entirely. Exposed shelves can really modernize your kitchen.

2. Spice Up Your Space with a Backsplash

A backsplash is a must in every kitchen. It protects your walls behind your sinks and counters from any flying food or water damage which in turn can save your walls from mildew and other issues. Backsplashes are meant to be water resistant so they are very easy to clean when there is anything spilled or ‘splashed’ (hence – backSPLASH), just use hot water, a dime-size amount of dish soap, and a sponge.

Backsplashes can be as functional as they are stylish. They can add color and a funky pattern to a dull space and can really express your personal style in your kitchen design. Besides furniture, a backsplash can be as quickly changed as your mood.

They can come in all shapes, materials, patterns, and sizes. The most common materials are ceramic and porcelain tile, glass panels, exposed brick, wood, tin, metal panels, and natural stone slabs.

3. Floor Frenzy

Floor trends in 2019 are never-ending. No matter what your style or aesthetic, you can find kitchen flooring to match. You can play with colors, textures, finishes, layouts and patterns. From waterproof vinyl to hardwood floors, the perfect fit is out there for you.

Playing around with layouts and patterns are the most popular creative trend of the year. Herringbone is an arrangement of rectangles, weaved into V-shapes and used mostly with hardwood flooring among other materials. This trend adds depth to the space especially when the wood pieces are colored with different stains.

Staining the wood a certain color can make your home look and feel like they are on opposite sides of the continent: coastal vs. farmhouse, contemporary vs. vintage, etc. Staining wood can also make your floor mimic natural and man-made materials such as stone and wood.

4. Mix Up Your Metals

Metals like gold, silver, copper, nickel, bronze and even iron can be used to add depth to your space. Warm and cool tones can be mixed, as well as different textures. It is acceptable to have gold light fixtures and stainless steel appliances. It is good to pick a dominant metal by paying attention to the color palette of the room and picking mixed metals to match.

For example, if your room has a warm tone, choosing metals like copper, gold, and brass would look pleasant. If your room has a cool tone, choosing metals like chrome, stainless steel, and silver would look very aesthetic.

Kathy Kuo from The Kuotes Blog truly says it best, “Mixing metals can be the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of design, but only if it is done right.”

As you can see, there are countless options when it comes to kitchen renovations. Here at Holland Homes, we want to help you design the kitchen of your dreams within your budget and timeframe. We start with a consultation so we can find out exactly what you are envisioning. We hope these four ideas can help you figure out where to start!

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