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A home is where you watch your children grow up and you go through life together as a family. A child’s experience in their home is everything and a major part of their development. This is where they play and grow, and the memories you create in your home will be ones you and your children will cherish forever. That is why it is important, if you have young children, to know how to make your home kid friendly. By making your home child friendly you will not only feel at ease knowing your home is a safe environment for your children, but also proud because you are giving your kids a place to prosper in their young, imaginative ages.

Be creative with storage

With children comes clothes, toys, food, games and stuffed animals (to say the least). It is important to consider how many things your children have when creating storage spaces. The best way to keep toys and other items from taking over is to create ample and highly functional storage spaces. For toys lying around in your living areas, you can make storage a design element by placing baskets into empty corners or attractive boxes into open shelves. Not only will these items be able to store the clutter your kids create, but they will add pops of color and texture to the room. By using something like a double-tiered coffee table that can hold toy baskets on the bottom shelf, you can both create storage and sophistication. You can also store board games and toys in a trunk or chest that doubles as a low coffee table in your living room or a lift-up storage trunk under window seats that doubles as a bench.

Encourage outside play

Nowadays with video games and iPhones, kids are more likely to want to stay inside. To encourage your kids to get outside and be active, you should consider what elements you need to introduce to your backyard or courtyard to make it a fun place to hang out. A hut or treehouse will keep your children busy for hours, as could a sandpit, climbing wall, swing and/or a trampoline. If space is tight and you are struggling to fit these elements, you can create things such as a giant blackboard against a blank fence for your kids to draw with chalk or play games like hangman. It is important for children to spend time outside playing with family and friends. Building fun aspects into your backyard area will go a long way and your kids will love you for it.

Create a space for kids to read and relax

Kids, much like adults, need time alone to unwind and relax. Kids have busy minds and are always on the go. Creating a separate space or quiet-zone for them to read and relax in the home will give them that time to unwind. This could simply involve buying a couple of beanbags and placing them in a nook or corner along with a bookshelf or, it could involve a remodel. If you have a spare room, adding a small couch and an open area where kids can build with Lego, do arts and crafts, or paint and draw is a win for everyone, and keeps all that creativity contained in one room. A cube unit with separate boxes for craft products, toys, blocks, dress-up clothes, etc. makes tidying-up a breeze and keeps everything organized.

Rounded furniture

When your children are small, it is easy for them to run into corners of furniture, potentially injuring themselves. Choosing furniture that is rounded, with no sharp corners will help to mitigate the damage to your children’s heads, sides and legs. Even if you live in a house with lots of space, it is extremely likely a young child will find a corner to bump into. It is better to be safe than sorry and use kid friendly furniture that will allow you to live worry-free for a long time.

Vinyl Flooring

Between dragging chairs, spilling paint and dropping food, your floors will go through the ringer when you have kids. If you’re in the process of renovating your home, you don’t want to see your brand new hardwood flooring get destroyed by mess constantly created from children dropping things. In this case, you should consider vinyl floors. This type of flooring is virtually impossible to destroy and looks incredibly realistic. Vinyl floors are almost guaranteed to last through the better part of your child’s stay at your house, without your having to replace them.

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