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Taking the initial step toward moving into a new home is both an exciting and nerve-racking time. It is the start of a new chapter in your life, and as you plant roots in your new home there is one very important thing to consider: do you want to live in a stand-alone neighborhood, or a new home community? This is the final consideration before you build your dream home, and while choosing your own lot to build on has its perks, living in a community has many benefits that make daily life easier. At Holland Homes, we have multiple major communities, ranging from townhomes to cottages, many of which are custom built. Below, are five reasons as to why living in a community may be the right choice for you.

Tailoring the build to your own style

Although living in a community may appear as if you do not have a say in any of the construction elements - that is wrong. When home builders plan a neighborhood, it can be exciting to buy-in at the start, so you can see your new home take shape along with others in the community. You are not left out of the process as builders commence construction on the new community, meaning you can consult with the builder on everything from fixtures to carpeting and choose from a variety of options. By being given the option to look through the carpet samples and color swatches, you can put your own personal stamp on your dream home. There are customizable features that may come with your home as well, depending on what type of community it is (smart neighborhood, community near the water, custom-home community etc.), and these features are ones that you can tailor to your family's interests and style to ensure you have a house that truly feels like “home”.

Move-in ready homes

Often when buying a pre-loved home, you can run into issues such as needing to remodel or having to spend additional money to update flooring, paint and appliances to make the interior feel like your own. This add expenses and can detract from the enjoyment of a new home. When living in a community that is new and recently constructed, these homes are all built from the ground up, being move-in ready for you. This means they have new appliances, a modern style and makes moving very convenient. At Holland Homes, our goal is to make all processes the customer encounters easy, efficient, on-time and under budget. We want to make life easier for you. When moving into a move-in ready home within a community, you don’t have the extra stresses associated with purchasing an older home - so you can enjoy its full potential!

Smart neighborhoods

Living in a unique community has many perks that regular neighborhoods do not have. Are you passionate about sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint? One of the main benefits in one community is energy efficient homes. At Holland Homes our smart community, Northwoods, is an intelligent community equipped with cutting-edge systems and appliances that give customers more control over their home’s features and energy use. The innovative technology used in Northwoods, and other smart communities in the future, is not only designed to simplify homeowners’ lives, but also provide opportunity for homeowners to control all the smart features remotely through their smartphones. These homes combine luxury and craftsmanship with smart features, making them more energy-efficient than most standard homes built today.

Communities based on your lifestyle

Living in a community means you get to not only personalize your brand new home, but also choose a location that fits your lifestyle needs, with communal amenities that you want. This may mean that you are a teacher and need to be on campus five days a week so you have to live in a community that is close to downtown and the university, such as our community, the Cottages at Cloverleaf. You also may love being near water or have a boat that you want to put to good use, so you choose to live in a community that is near a lake, such as another one of our communities, The Preserve at Stoney Ridge located on Lake Martin. If you want to live in a more quiet and serene area with minimal traffic, you may choose a community like The Meadow at Highlands, where it is surrounded by the woods, making it the perfect place to escape your busy life. We also have more communities coming that have large 3 acre lots for farm-style homes or a larger community that will have walking trails, a pool and a clubhouse. These communities all provide different floor plans and have their own unique style - giving you the chance to choose your dream home in your dream location.

If you are considering buying a home, come tour one of our new home communities in your area. You are likely to find the quality you want at an affordable price, while taking full advantage of the latest materials and energy efficient products. Holland Homes lets you customize certain features within your home, depending on the community, giving you a space that feels 100% your own. Here at Holland Homes we work with you throughout every step of the process from your first appointment to your first welcome home. A community location and feel is just as important as the home you live in, and with our various new home communities, you can choose the area where you feel most comfortable. Contact us at 334-332-7157 to help you with your next home building needs!

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