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Home layouts are different for everyone. Some people like one-level homes some like having an upstairs. Some even like having their kitchen in their basement. To each their own. However, in recent years there has been a trend of building and locating a master suite downstairs in a home with two floors. This means that all of the regular bedrooms, the bedrooms for guests and children, are located upstairs.

While it is all based on personal preference according to City-Data, some may be wondering the pros and cons of each. Let’s take a further look into the pros and cons of locating your master suite on the first floor to help you make a decision that suits you and your family the best.

Traditionally, master suite bedrooms were built on the upper level in order for parents to be closer to their children. This makes sense for families with young children. Stairs in themselves can be a big hazard for toddlers.

Once children are past the young stage, however, having a master suite on the first floor seems to make more sense.

Pros of Lower-Level Master Bedrooms


There is no question that having a lower-level master bedroom is convenient. This location permits easy access to the most used rooms in the house: the laundry room, the kitchen, the outside patio, and more. Being closer to these rooms mean it’s much easier to keep an eye on things like children in the living room or cooking on the stove in the kitchen.

Not only is it close to those rooms, but using the stairs is no longer an option anymore. This is a great amenity, especially for long-term home-owners seeing as it is harder to use the stairs as one gets older.


Having a master bedroom on a lower-level can allow some great privacy and seclusion. The master suite and the master bath for parents become a little more defined from their children. This can be great for parents with older children, frequent guests or families who live with their in-laws.

Resale Value

While history tells us that having a master bedroom, one closer to the children, on the top floor is the way to go, a new generation of home buyers have a different idea in mind. Because Generation X tends to choose having a master bedroom on the first floor, the resale value for homes in this style has increased exponentially.

Cons of Lower-Level Master Bedrooms


Noise could be the very thing that keeps people away from building a master bedroom on the lower level of their home. Because of the close proximity to popular rooms of the house: laundry room, living room, kitchen, etc, the master bedroom on the first floor can be increasingly annoying when you can hear everything outside of it. From a television in the living room to the dryer running in the laundry room, you could possibly hear it all.

Distance from Children

While baby audio and video monitors can really come in handy in this situation, having a master suite on the first floor can be terrifying for parents whose children are a staircase away. This could be dangerous for young children needing their parents in the middle of the night. This can also become aggravating for parents who have to climb up and down the stairs in the middle of the night.

Temperature Control

Simply put, trying to control the temperature of one level that is primarily used for sleeping versus trying to control the temperature for common living spaces, especially if you own a home with multiple levels, is just plain tricky and can be very expensive.

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