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At Holland Homes, we’ve always known that while the furnishings and structure might make up the house, it is the history and the people inside who make that house a home. This article on Houzz, a website for homeowners and home improvement professionals, features one of our favorite renovation projects that updated this 70’s style lake cabin to a light, modern, and functional space for a close-knit family to enjoy.

The Wilson Family bought land on Lake Martin, and built a house for the whole family to enjoy with elements of that classic 70’s style around every corner, from fake wood panelling, to shag carpets, to popcorn ceilings. As the family grew, the siblings who had grown up with fond memories from the lake decided it was time to give their beloved lake cabin a much needed face lift so that their own kids could enjoy this space just as much as they had.

Bathrooms are one of the most overlooked rooms in a house but receive the most use out of any room. There are many different ways to remodel a bathroom, whether it’s getting new cabinets and countertops, new shower and bath, or completely gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch.

Here at Holland Homes, we’ve worked with many different price ranges and have succeeded in producing the perfect bathroom within our client’s budget. There is always room for minor to major improvements that will increase your home’s value and create your own personal escape. Start your morning off right by getting ready in the bathroom of your dreams.

We will patiently collaborate with you and design the bathroom you’ve always envisioned. Whether your style is modern, contemporary, coastal, or traditional, Holland Homes will get the job done. Our portfolio also contains pictures of our recent bathroom renovations you can look through for inspiration.

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Shiplap is the latest trend in home renovation, all thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show Fixer Upper. It brings a timeless look to a home, creating a country charm elegance. Some even know it as the South’s best building material.

What is shiplap?

Shiplap is a wooden board that was traditionally used when building barns, sheds, and other rustic buildings. The boards used for shiplap were often pulled off the sides of large boats that had wrecked in a harbor, hence the “ship” part of the name.

Are you looking to buy a new home but don’t know where to start? One of the main things to decide when looking to purchase a home is if you want to buy a new home, or one that is older and may need a little work.

If you’re unsure of what you want, here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new home versus buying one you’ll have to put more work into:

New Construction


No one else has lived in it. One of the perks of buying a new home is that you will be the first to live in it. You don’t have to worry about paint scuffs, dents in the floor, or used showers. Everything in there is brand new, and it’s for you to use first.

Tackling a home renovation project comes with hundreds of decisions, but the most important one is who you choose to lead the project. The contractor plays a crucial role in transitioning a house into a home, so you will need to hire someone not only capable but trustworthy.

A home builder is responsible for organizing and managing the entire project from start to finish meaning you'll want to invest in a company of quality. Find a service company with values, that cares more about pleasing you rather than just finishing a job. It's the detailed care that will separate your remodel from the rest.

Shopping for a contractor is a lot like shopping for your home: it takes patience, energy and a lot of 'no's' before that final 'yes.' Before you begin your search, review your expectations.

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