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Floor Plans

At Holland Homes, we believe building a home does not have to be complicated. Our floor plan collection has been crafted over the past decade to make home plans readily available to be built in our communities. Each plan is characterized by curb appeal, efficiency and functionality. All of these plans have a special meaning, with many of the names reflecting those of our homeowners and our team members. These plans have each been designed with our customers in mind.
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The Tate

Beds: 3   Baths: 2   
Size: 1,448 Ft2  
The Kelly

Beds: 3   Baths: 2   
Size: 1,279 Ft2  
The Todd

Beds: 3   Baths: 2   
Size: 1,395 Ft2  
The Kent

Beds: 2   Baths: 2.5   
Size: 1,293 Ft2  
The Kennedy

Beds: 3   Baths: 2.5   
Size: 1,636 Ft2  
The Konrad

Beds: 3   Baths: 2.5   
Size: 1,726 Ft2  
The Taylor

Beds: 3   Baths: 2.5   
Size: 1,636 Ft2  
The Tucker

Beds: 3   Baths: 2   
Size: 1,705 Ft2  
The Katherine (3 Bed)

Beds: 3   Baths: 2.5   
Size: 1,713 Ft2  

* Prices may vary. Sitework, driveway, sewer/septic system, lot costs & utilities are not included.

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