Technology has changed many different industries and seems to be advancing more each day. The home-buying process is now easier and faster than ever, with most potential buyers looking at houses for sale online before making any decisions in person. The benefits that these changes have brought are helping more people in the search for their dream homes. Understanding what type of shifts have occurred could help you determine the best way to start looking for your new home. Finding a reliable agency, like Holland Homes Sales, is still crucial to making your experience go smoothly. Holland Sales is dedicated to keeping our clients informed, so keep reading to learn more about how technology has made a change in real estate.

House Hunting

Arguably one of the most convenient parts of home buying online is having the ability to look at various properties and compare without ever going anywhere physically. This has helped many people who aren’t able to travel from location to location in order to get a feel for their potential purchase. With tools that can filter results based on your preferences, you can find options based on the number of bedrooms, amenities, location, price, and countless more. During the pandemic, virtual house hunting became a game changer and provided a safer option for those around the globe. Nowadays, about 97% of home buyers start their process online first. Lots of agencies have taken note of this change and adapted, using new marketing techniques that target more buyers via the web. In turn, this means that it’s more likely the information online is updated on a regular basis, keeping everyone up to date.

Virtual Reality and 3D Tours

Chances are, you’re familiar with or have heard of virtual reality. This new technology has created so many opportunities, especially when it comes to real estate, capturing images and providing information that was never available before. Using drones, agents are able to show new angles of the homes they have listed, like shots from above with the surrounding areas in view. During this online home buying process, 3D tours allow buyers to get a feel for the space by giving the illusion that you’re standing inside the home. You can guide yourself through the property all through a small screen. Some more advanced programs even give you the option to test out certain renovations or designs, like changing the cabinet colors and picking out types of flooring. These virtual opportunities are continuing to grow and improve each day, proving effective for many people.

Finding an Agent

One of the most important aspects of the home-buying process is finding the right agent to guide you through it. Thanks to the increased amount of online searches, realtors have a much easier time connecting with buyers and getting their names out there. With social media usage at an all-time high, almost 91% of realtors have accounts and use them to promote their listings and information. When it comes to the buyer’s side of things, researching agents online could be helpful because you’ll likely have more access to customer reviews and testimonials. Additionally, you may choose to work with an agent entirely online if they’re based in a different location. This makes it easier for you to work with the most exceptional and skilled professionals in the business without traveling further than the couch!

Applying for a Mortgage

Less people are applying for mortgages in person due to the new accessibility they have through technology. Just like real estate agents, finding lenders is more painless than ever and you can search in any location. You may even be able to complete Financing a home has had a reputation for being a long, and sometimes confusing, process, which is why doing this online may be the best option for you. According to The Mortgage Reports, 92% of new mortgage borrowers look online before even speaking to a potential lender. There are tools that allow you to research current rates and compare offers using mortgage calculators. These areas of the process that may have taken more time in the past can now speed up each step and save you time.

How We Can Help

Holland Homes Sales consists of a dependable group of agents who have plenty of industry experience to help you. We understand how stressful the home-buying process can be and are just as determined as you to find your next home. Technology allows you to look at homes a whole new way and we want to make sure you have as many resources available as you need. If you’re starting the search for your new home, check out our design guide to find various ideas to personalize your new space. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and meet with one of our agents today!

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