There are many things to look for when touring a model home. Holland Homes Sales prides itself on helping you to find the perfect new home while guiding you through the whole home-buying process. We want to transform this tricky process into a stress-free experience for you to enjoy. Although there are countless things you could be looking for at a model home, here are just a few necessary things to keep an eye out for. Ask yourself these five questions when you visit a new construction model home.

1. Is the model home in a good location?

When viewing a model home, the chances are, the model home is located in the same community as the rest of the new homes. As you tour the model home, be sure to take note of the area where the community is located. Is the community in a safe area? Is it near restaurants and shopping centers? Or, perhaps, you want a more secluded lifestyle. Is the community in a quiet location with plenty of space between houses?

When it comes to location, it is also good to consider the proximity to schools or work. When touring the model home, determine your commute to work. It is also important to know what schools are nearby. If you already have a school in mind, make sure the community is in the right school district. This can help you a lot in the long run, saving you time and effort.

2. Does the new home have ample space?

It is crucial when attending a new construction model home to take note of the interior use of space. Whether you are looking for more space or want a smaller space to downsize, the model home will give you a good idea of what the new homes have to offer. When touring the property, take time to check the closet space, storage space, and cupboard space. Exterior space is also important. Do you want more space in your backyard or less space for less yard work? It helps to consider these things before walking into a model house and to make sure you know what you’re looking for.

3. Does this home have your desired natural lighting?

Although light flow can be commonly overlooked when house hunting, sunlight can play a huge role in people’s day-to-day lives. If you are one who enjoys extra sunlight in their home, you may want to consider a new home with many windows. People often look for windows at the entrance of their homes, along with in their kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. Consider first whether or not you prefer direct sunlight. Secondly, think about whether or not you’ll work from home and if the windows accommodate your living space. Although there are ways to maximize your natural light at home, if you like a lot of light in your house, it’s important to keep that in mind whether the model home already has a lot of natural light.

4. Is the privacy of the home to your liking?

People have different preferences on whether they want a lot of privacy within their home or not. Keep in mind how much privacy you would like. Does the community that the propertty is in seem too close to the neighbors? Does it seem like you’ll like your neighbors and the people you’re surrounded by? Do you notice any neighbors that might be too loud or stay up late? These questions are things you may not think about when visiting a model home but come a few years later, you will be glad you did!

5. How long has the home been on the market?

When visiting a new construction community, it’s acceptable to ask how long the new homes have been on the market. Talk to your real estate agent about any price changes, recent offers, or contingencies on the new homes. Feel free to ask if there are a lot of other buyers looking at this house as well. Simply attending a model home tour can give you an idea of interested buyers and allows you to talk to others about what they think. All of this information will help you to gain knowledge of other people’s opinions on the property and, in general, about homes for sale in Auburn, Alabama. It never hurts to get second opinions, especially when you’re indecisive on a house. After all, this will be your future home!

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