There are many benefits of buying a newly constructed home, including personalization, a desirable location, a build warranty, and new features. New construction homes also allow you to enjoy being the first owner of the house, energy efficiency, and low repair and maintenance costs. After hearing about all the advantages, you may find yourself wondering how you can find this type of home. At Holland Homes, we are dedicated to ensuring there’s nothing stopping you from living in the home you’ve always imagined. Here’s a checklist for finding the perfect new construction home for you!

1. Search for New Construction Homes Online

The easiest way to find new construction homes is to search for them online! You can find the offerings with a simple search of “new construction properties near me” or by using popular real estate websites. Keep in mind that if the house hasn’t been built yet, you will not be able to see actual pictures of it. Instead, you’ll be shown a 3D render of the house, a floor plan, or images of the model home. In order to see the exact home or floor plan options, you can drive to the area it’s located at.

2. Drive Around Areas You Could See Yourself Living

Consider the location of your potential new construction home. If you’re having a hard time finding what new constructions are in certain geographic regions, take a drive to visit the places you could picture yourself living. Find a neighborhood that you think fits you well and walk the community to ask homeowners about their experience. You want to live in an area where you feel a sense of belongingness, safety, and peace of mind. Look into the homeowner’s association fees and rules and check amenities, style, and design of the homes to evaluate if your preferences would fit in there. Think about if the area is conveniently located near places you enjoy spending time at. Visit the city planner’s office to find out about future developments in the area and research zoning laws for the neighborhood.

3. Research Reliable Home Builders

There are a few ways you can find a dependable home builder. A few of these ways are by looking into your local home builders’ association, researching builders online, finding signs in front of homes you like, and reading the real estate pages in your local paper. Check that the builder you’re interested in is in good standing with your state’s Construction Contractors Board. Evaluate feedback, business reviews, and public records to find patterns in experiences to know what to expect from the builder. Visit their website and social media pages for information and photos. A reliable home builder is experienced, honest, professional, and communicative. Holland Homes is an example of a company that has maintained a reputation of skilled, efficient home builder professionals since opening over 15 years ago.

4. Work With the Right Real Estate Agent

Research and interview real estate agents before hiring the right one for you. You want a team surrounding you that has your best interest in mind. The real estate agent can watch for your needs and ensure you’re getting the best deal. As they have an eye for detail and value, they can also counsel you on upgrades and designs. Just like existing home purchases, apply to mortgage lenders to find the best deal.

5. When You Think You’ve Found Your Home…

So you think you’ve found the right construction home for you? Congratulations! Be smart in the buying process by knowing your customization options and costs. Think about your current needs, future needs, and upgrades that increase the value of the home. Be aware of the new construction timing, which can be unpredictable due to weather, vendor delays, and waiting on permit approvals. The further along it is in the process of building the home when you purchase, the faster the construction should go but also the more custom your home is, the less reliable the completion timeline becomes. Figure out your living situation and temporary storage options while you wait. Understand your warranty of what’s included and what’s not and keep all warranty documents. You can also ask the builder for leftover materials to keep on hand to make future repairs easier such as paint, carpet swatches, and shower tiles. Most importantly, do a home inspection before the walls are closed and another right before you close on the house and receive your keys. Welcome home!

6. Buy a New Construction House With Holland Homes

Our skilled professionals will help you every step of the way when finding and purchasing a new construction home. Holland Homes Sales is a sub-brand of the entity Holland Homes, where we’ve developed a unique 10-step process to make the home-building experience a rewarding one! Contact us today to get started!

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